Aug 19, 2022 • 8M

Trump defender says it was fine for Trump to take documents to Mar-a-Lago

Tim from Alabama claimed to be in "intelligence" and said people "at that level" do this "all the time" -- and it was fine if Obama did it too.

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While discussing the the FBI search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort on my SiriusXM program, Tim from Alabama called, claiming he had been in the “intelligence end” of things.

According to Tim, what Trump did is done “all the time” by people “at that level.” When I explained that no one had done this — taking a truckload of boxes of top secret documents, including about weapons programs, to their home after leaving the presidency — he said, well, we don’t know that, and they could do it they wanted.

As you can imagine, all roads eventually led to….Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Tim then said we don’t know a lot about this — and I countered that we certainly do, and that Trump had lied when he said Obama had taken documents home after being president. The National Archives put out a statement saying it was patently false.

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Tim then pulled what all Trumpists do when trying to rebut something: “Well, I have no idea ]about that]. I hadn’t heard that.” It’s as if, because they don’t know the news and the truth, then it doesn’t matter. And he still insisted Obama could have done it if he wanted to — as if the Republicans wouldn’t have gone completely and totally berserk if that happened.

It went downhill from there for Tim. He ho was trying to present himself as objective but was clearly deep in the Trump cult, and could not defend Trump’s actions though he lamely tried.

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