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Trumper calls to say we must look at "two sides" of voter fraud

Trumper calls to say we must look at "two sides" of voter fraud


Bob from Connecticut called into my SiriusXM show to say he once “was a Democrat”

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Bob, a Connecticut resident, called in to my SiriusXM show to say he was a Democrat at one time but his “mind has been changed” over the last four years, and he now supports Donald Trump.

And regarding the election, he said, even in response to Bill Barr, the attorney general, loyal to Trump, saying there was no voter fraud to overturn the election, that, “I don’t think enough people are looking both sides of it.”

This was preposterous and his argument just got weaker and weaker as he tried to explain — and couldn’t respond to my clarifications.

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I’ve talked with many Trump supporters, but there was something grasping and desperate about Bob. He was on a ledge — but not quite near jumping —and I tried to talk Bob off the ledge.

He seemed mildly reachable — and I could be wrong, and you’re welcome to tell me your opinion. Perhaps he called the program to test out some theories and wanted to be pushed back against because he knows where things are going — and I surely pushed back. Maybe it’s actually better that Trump keeps trying and losing, so it shows the Bobs of the world how ridiculous this all is.

I finally had to tell Bob:

‘You need, like, a hobby, of some sort, that will help work you through this…You have to either decide you’re going to move away from this cult or you’re sucked in, you’re done, you’re finished. You’re gonna lose family, you’re gonna lose friends, your children, everybody. So make your decision, Bob.”

Listen in, and let me know your thoughts!

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