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Unvaxxed Mississippi man claims it's ventilators that are killing people

Unvaxxed Mississippi man claims it's ventilators that are killing people

Because, he claimed, most people with Covid on ventilators die. And he's not going to the hospital if he gets sick.

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Continuing in my new policy on my SiriusXM show, in which unvaccinated people may call in to argue their case if they first pledge not to be hospitalized if they get a bad case of Covid, I took a call from Jeff in Mississippi.

As I explained in a previous post:

I have a new policy for anti-vaxxers. It arose after many other listeners called the program in recent days with heartbreaking stories about friends or relatives who had non-Covid emergencies in places like Florida, Texas, Georgia and Mississippi, where ICU beds are over capacity, as hospitals are swamped with Covid patients.

Jeff immediately said he will not go to the hospital — because, he said, most people with Covid who go to the hospital and go on ventilators die. At first I couldn’t believe he was making this claim — that it is ventilators that cause death rather than Covid — but he persisted.

We had to strike up the “Twilight Zone” theme.

This was just astounding, and shows how deep in the cult these people are.

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I explained how it is Covid that is putting people on ventilators, and that it’s your last chance, as your lungs are giving out, and the ventilator is actually keeping you alive, hopefully long enough to survive. But Jeff eventually said he was “afraid” of hospitals altogether, and explicitly took the pledge again, saying that he will not go to the hospital if he gets a bad case of Covid.

He was actually the first unvaxxed person to take the pledge. Most stopped calling altogether, while others refused to take the pledge, like Roz from California.

I’m sure a lot of you will say, “Great. If he isn’t vaxxed and won’t go to the hospital, I’m fine with that.”

I have a hard time, however, believing that when it all goes bad people like him will not seek hospital care. The same thing happened with many prominent vocal anti-vaxxers, like conservative radio talk show hosts Phill Valentine and Dick Farrel, both of whom spouted anti-vax lies only to change their minds, telling people to get vaccinated as they were hospitalized and went on ventilators. Both eventually died.

But maybe Jeff is an exception. Whatever the case, it’s truly sad and demented, an example of how the right-wing has put so many lives at risk by promoting dangerous lies about Covid-19.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts.