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Winning in 2022: Candidate spotlight on Jamie McCleod-Skinner

Winning in 2022: Candidate spotlight on Jamie McCleod-Skinner

The progressive Oregon Democrat is taking on obstructionist Democrat Kurt Schrader in the primary this year. And she can win in the state's newly-redrawn 5th Congressional district.

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This is part of a series focusing on Democratic candidates Im interviewing on my SiriusXM show as Democrats fight to keep the House and Senate in the 2022 midterms.

Jamie McLoed-Skinner is exactly what Oregon’s 5th Congressional District needs. And in the newly-redrawn district she has a great shot at beating incumbent Democrat Kurt Schrader.

Schrader has been one of the nine or 10 so-called “moderates” among House Democrats. But I call them obstructionists because there’s nothing moderate about what they’ve done in attempting to block President Biden’s agenda. Schrader voted against the president’s coronavirus relief bill — one of only two Democrats who voted no — and voted against reduced drug prices via Medicare, as he’s in the pocket of Big Pharma, taking over $140,000 from drug companies.

Back in January of 2021, Schrader called Donald Trump’s “rushed impeachment” after January 6th a “lynching,” and several political strategists dumped him over the remark (though he did ultimately vote to impeach.)

Jamie McLeod-Skinner is an elected Jefferson County Education Service District board member who ran for Oregon secretary of state in 2020. The newly-redrawn 5th district now includes the county where she’s one every time she’s been on the ballot. Schrader has underperformed in his races, and the new district bodes worse for him in running against a Republican.

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McLeod-Skinner haw the endorsement of former Oregon governor Barbara Roberts, and other Democratic leaders who previously endorsed Schrader. This month she also received an endorsement of Senator Elizabeth Warren.

McLoed-Skinner spoke with me about her background, and the issues she’s focused on, including education, climate change, the attacks on American democracy, abortion rights, student debt and affordable housing. An open lesbian, she is committed to equality for all and has been working in the community throughout the district on a wide variety of issues.

McLoed-Skinner also took on Schrader’s obstructionism as well as why she’s well-placed to win the primary in the newly-redrawn district and will galvanize the base of the Democratic Party in the general election.

Listen in to what Jamie McLoed-Skinner had to say, and please check out her website where you can read more about her and help her out.