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Trumper who claimed to be a "Democrat" goes off the rails

Trumper who claimed to be a "Democrat" goes off the rails

I pushed him a bit hard, and suddenly he revealed his true agenda.

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Warning: I really became kind of crazy and aggressive with this guy who called my SiriusXM program.

But there is a method to the madness!

I wouldn’t treat a guest to the show this way, even if they were a conservative. But a caller who represents himself falsely? Sorry, he’s not getting any such courtesy. And, again, there was a reason why I went in this direction.

James from California claimed to be a Democrat and said "we" were treating Donald Trump terribly. But it became clear he was not only a lying Trumper; my radar was detecting a major league far-right Christian nationalist extremist and Qanon cultist.

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The conversation on the program at the time had been focused on the GOP’s bogus impeachment inquiry of President Biden, but James brought the discussion to the impeachments of Donald Trump—of course—and then shifted to election fraud.

I can’t say I knew exactly what he’d eventually blurt out, but something told me if I took him on hard, he’d crack and reveal his true agenda. And sure enough, when confronted forcefully, he went there: "Democrats are legislating abomination. You’re legislating homosexuality and the murder of innocent babies."

Just some nutty fun for your Thursday. Listen in and let me know your thoughts!