Nov 17, 2021 • 4M

Virginia man defends ivermectin: It's "not horse medicine"

While discussing Aaron Rodgers lying about getting vaxxed, Steve oddly called in to criticize descriptions of ivermectin -- and refused to say he's not taking it.

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This was pretty bizarro.

On my SiriusXM program I was discussing Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers having lied about getting vaccinated for Covid-19 — and then saying he was on ivermectin, used largely as a dewormer for livestock and other animals, and promoted by antivaxxers, Fox News pundits and Joe Rogan.

That’s when Steve from Virginia called in.

Rather than focus on Rodgers’ lie — or even Rodgers refusal to get vaxxed, and defend that if he wanted to — Steve shifted away from the topic other callers were weighing in on to claim my discussion of ivermectin was “childish.”

He explained that it’s been used for humans and that this was “human grade” ivermectin. I explained that while it’s true humans have used it there are now a variety of other drugs, much more effective for treating parasites in humans, and that ivermectin was used mostly in animals and has been for many years.

But one question Steve refused to answer was why he was defending ivermectin. The conversation went around in circles, and Steve both refused to say he wasn’t taking ivermectin nor address Rodgers having lied.

It was quite amusing. Listen in and let me know your thoughts!

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