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The critics doth protest too much about "Don't Look Up"

How do you feel looking back on 2021?

Last year this week 1/6 was being plotted -- and was predicted

Weekend thread: Holiday edition

Live from Omicron Central

Did Omicron upend your holiday? Or not?

Clearly there are ways to make life miserable for Joe Manchin

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Winning in 2022: Candidate spotlight on Becca Balint

Will Trump and others GOP officials be charged for the January 6th attack?

Chris Wallace helped Fox News claim it engaged in "journalism"

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Debating an anti-vaxxer, part 5,684

Ask me (almost) anything!

How all Republicans share blame for the Michigan school shooter

"Raise them to be a monster!"

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Sotomayor's warning on marriage equality: They will destroy it

I called a man "dumb as a rock"

Weekend Thread: What's happening?

Being thankful...and also very worried

Anti-vax Covid victim loses both her legs. Still has no regrets.

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Build Back Better passed the House. What comes next?

Virginia man defends ivermectin: It's "not horse medicine"

Burning books and banning drag shows

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Q & A: Ask (almost) anything!

Man defends pilot cursing Biden because people "had to listen to" media criticism of Trump

Triggered Trumper gets a jolt of reality

Why hasn't Steve Bannon been indicted?

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Woman defends Madison Cawthorn: He wants to raise boys to be "real men"

What happened on Election Day?

Is New York City the future of a post-pandemic world?

Weekend thread: What's going on?

If you won't say you're vaxxed, you're anti-vax

The importance of prostate cancer screening: my story

The campaign to end marriage equality is a true threat

Weekend thread: What's happening?

The GOP's open embrace of autocracy

Anti-mandate arguments just get more idiotic

On Colin Powell's death, and lies about war and disease

Away for the weekend

The NFL is as bigoted as ever

Winning in 2022: Candidate spotlight on Jasmine Beach-Ferrara

Weekend thread: What's going on?

When spouses, family and friends are in the MAGA cult

Anti-vax caller is shocked that health care workers are required to be vaccinated

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Liz Cheney's phony, opportunistic switch on same-sex marriage

Winning in 2022: Candidate spotlight on Joseph Rocha

Weekend thread: Whats going on?

A dire warning on the destruction of American democracy

Extremists see ending marriage equality within grasp

Weekend thread: What's going on?

How to talk to a science denier

Yes, Newsom's landslide in California is a blueprint for Democrats

Tuesday's news: All eyes on California

Caller expressed the raw anger of the vaccinated

Sara Nelson's nonstop fight for workers rights

Weekend open thread: What's happening?

How Joe Biden is a "radical" on workers and union organizing

On Covid, we're living in two Americas. But media hasn't figured it out.

Weekend thread: What's going on?

The Supreme Court has declared war. President Biden must end it.

Unvaxxed Mississippi man claims it's ventilators that are killing people

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Making anti-vaxxers pledge to refuse hospital care if they get Covid

Thursday thread: Vaccine mandate for domestic air travel?

Conservative radio talk show hosts are killing themselves

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Ron DeSantis embraces a mask-defying, MAGA-made 'cure' for coronavirus

Caller attacks Biden on Afghanistan, but defends his cult leader Trump

Tucker Carlson forgot to tell you about Victor Orban's vaccine mandates

Weekend thread: What's happening?

What made intelligent people into Trumpers, then anti-vaxxers?

Tuesday thread: Why is getting older a growing crisis?

Caller claims McCloskeys didn't break law by pointing guns at protesters

Weekend open thread: What's going on?

Anti-vax Trumper brags he doesn't wear seat belts either

Why the My Pillow guy is so dangerous

How to look at the pandemic now

Weekend thread: What's happening?

The true leaders of Republican Party are fighting for the terrorists

Caller tried to compare Jan 6th terror attack to BLM protests

What's bugging you today?

Trump demands Republicans keep spotlight on the insurrection. And they do.

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Right-wing Catholic moralists outed a Catholic official as gay

Caller claims Trump showed "extreme compassion"-- but can't give examples

Trumpist terrorism is becoming normalized

Weekend thread: What's happening?

A Texas hero explains the urgency of the moment

What's bugging you this week?

Politically-driven anti-vax lies warrant mandating Covid vaccines

Weekend open thread: What's going on?

The insurrection is ongoing. Further violence is ahead

Caller defends anti-vax daughter: She's "following the science"

Why it shouldn't be called a "riot" when it was a terrorist attack...

Weekend open thread: What's happening?

Ask every Republican: Will Trump be reinstated in August?

Caller defends congressman who sloughs off 1/6 terrorists

What's bugging you today?

Democrats must brand the GOP as an anti-American movement

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Stonewall was a riot. The Capitol assault was a terrorist attack.

The Trumpian attacks on Pride flags

Weekend open thread: What's happening?

Celebrating Juneteenth

What's bugging you today?

Trump's attempted coup is still playing out

Is Merrick Garland all that bad?

Weekend thread: More evidence of Trump the criminal president

Caller says not being vaccinated against Covid is "freedom"

Anti-vax caller says covid vaccines violate 'Nuremberg Code'

Merrick Garland is now defending discrimination against LGBTQ people

Are we going to let Joe Manchin sink democracy?

Weekend thread: Facebook says Trump could be back in two years

How the second amendment is rooted in slavery

Have you discovered an old friend you didn't expect is an anti-vaxxer, anti-masker?

Orchestrating a "military coup" for Trump

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Trying to talk with an anti-vaxxer

What's bugging you today?

Why are Manchin and Sinema begging Republicans to vote for the 1/6 commission?

January 6th just the beginning, as 'second civil war' is plotted

Weekend thread: The filibuster must go, now

McConnell is being crystal clear. What don't Democrats get about 'no'?

Anti-LGBTQ hate thrives in "post-Trump" America

Caller says there was no gallows at insurrection

Weekend thread: CDC says no mask for vaccinated. What will you do?

What is bugging you today?

Biden's polling should scare the daylights out of the GOP

Elizabeth Warren discusses the filibuster, Facebook, the global pandemic and more

Weekend open thread: What's happening?

Caller says Biden, Dems are being "dictators" -- and I just had to laugh

Should people be paid to get vaccines? Discussion thread.

GOP keeps telling itself it's not in the grip of white supremacy

Caller claims all Trump supporters don't back insurrectionists, but can't prove it

Weekend open thread: What's going on?

The extremist attempt to rewrite the U.S. Constitution

Q & A: Ask me (almost) anything

Caller says he's wealthy, and his taxes shouldn't pay for anyone's vaccine

Tucker Carlson's pathological obsession with homosexuality, exposed

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Trumper slips, admits insurrectionists were "patriots," "special" people

Caller claims he's "big-thinking" liberal, but was convinced by Chauvin lawyer

What kind of vaccine hesitancy are you seeing?

Kevin McCarthy's laughable claim

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Alabama politician would be sex offender under "crimes against nature" law in Mississippi

Can I really have been on the radio for 18 years?

How are you coming out of lockdown?

It sure seems like Matt Gaetz was preparing to get caught at something

Weekend open thread: What's happening?

Like Matt Gaetz, Alabama GOP Senate candidate denied sexual allegations -- until he didn't

Anti-vaxxer can't explain why he wears clothes, follows speed limit

Weekend open thread: What's going on?

Capitol insurrectionists' vicious anti-LGBTQ agenda on display

Will the filibuster be abolished (or be changed as we know it)?

Happy one-year anniversary to The Signorile Report!

Caller says baker turning away gays is no different from Twitter banning Trump

Arkansas law allows doctors to turn away LGBTQ people -- or anyone "objectionable"

Weekend open thread: What's happening?

Media is still in denial about extremist takeover of GOP

Wednesday thread: What to do about vaccine resisters?

It's not debatable: Sheriff's spokesman said Atlanta shooter had "really bad day"

Weekend open thread: They're out of control

Cutting through lies about trans girls in sports

What did the Vatican really say about same-sex unions?

Tuesday thread: Should Gov. Andrew Cuomo resign?

The GOP's cruel assault on children

Weekend open thread: Light at end of the tunnel?

Biden speech boldly promotes value of government, rebuking GOP

Caller gives Biden B+ but is "very worried" about Equality Act

Biden's not signing stimulus checks -- though he's done more than Trump ever did

Caller dumped TX gov over power failure -- flips back after mask mandate lifted

Weekend open thread: Join the discussion

Caller says he can't be racist because he "voted for Ronald Reagan"

Democrats must act now, as the GOP is rigging the system before our eyes

Tuesday thread: Are you in a mixed-vaccinated relationship?

'I Care a Lot' slickly promotes ugly tropes

Weekend open thread: What's happening?

Caller says we need to stop this "'white supremacist' nonsense"

Susan Collins shows her duplicitous, vengeful, true self

Arguments against student loan debt forgiveness are callous

Weekend open thread: What are you up to?

Caller says Limbaugh wasn't racist -- was just "making fun of people"

Missing in the story of the John Weaver scandal: Stoking homophobia for decades

Tuesday thread: Are you double-masking?

The Equality Act can now become law. An LGBTQ senator is blocking it.

Weekend thread: Impeachment trial and verdict

The one question GOP senators must be asked

Trump's impeachment trial is an important win for America

The GOP is still trying to blame Democrats for the insurrection

Weekend thread: Week two of the Biden presidency

The GOP's toxic waste

How did Donald Trump affect your mental health?

The GOP, as usual, is intent on obstruction

Weekend open thread: What's on your mind?

Joe Biden actually has fostered "unity" -- just not to the elite Beltway media

Trumper calls in, "sick" of being called "racist and white supremacist"

The GOP's lost its mind and needs an intervention. Take away the filibuster.

Weekend open thread: What's going on?

With stunning speed, Biden halts Trump's anti-LGBTQ assault

A new era has begun

Qanon cultists in Congress are wreaking havoc, promoting dangerous lies

Weekend open thread: What's happening?

The GOP's complete collapse

"Christian" Trumper calls in, threatens to cut off food to cities

Wednesday thread: Trump's second impeachment

Trumper calls in, says "we're gonna be stronger"

Trump's biggest gay collaborator is still lying for him

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Weekend open thread: What's going on?

Removing Donald Trump from the presidency

Thursday thread: Where do we go after the coup attempt at the Capitol?

An amazing night in Georgia

An attempted coup is not merely a "stunt"

Weekend open thread: What's happening where you are?