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Weekend Report: Happy New Year!

Ten of the most-read stories in The Signorile Report in 2023

Weekend report: What's happening?

Three great things that happened in 2023 that bode well for 2024

This time Pope Francis drops an atom bomb on MAGA and the GOP

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Weekend Report: What's going on?

Why impeachment will backfire spectacularly on the GOP

Trump allowed Texas to become a full-on theocracy. That fact must be hammered over and over.

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Weekend Report: What's happening?

Things escalated quickly when a belligerent MAGA man from Texas called my show

Trump is giving Biden all the ammunition to demolish him

The crashing and burning of Moms for Liberty co-founder, the Florida GOP and Ron DeSantis

Weekend Report: What's going on?

How Pope Francis just dropped another bomb on the Republican Party

Will George Santos finally be expelled this week, or will MAGA save him?

Weekend Report: What's happening?

Mike Johnson's plan to end same-sex marriage and re-criminalize homosexuality

Desperate Trump's "final battle" is to destroy America. That's not an exaggeration.

Weekend Report: What's going on?

The GOP is crashing and burning. Democrats must use their own words against them.

Corporate media is still walking on eggshells with Trump coverage

Weekend Report: What's happening?

Trump defender claims Trump brought "peace and prosperity"

Defying pundits and pollsters, Democrats surge to victory (again!)

Trump's plan to use the Insurrection Act to silence dissent should he win

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Weekend Report: What's going on?

MAGA man denies he's in a cult, but admits he doesn't care about the truth

Mike Johnson believes homosexuality is a "choice." Did he in fact make one?

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Polling shows it's Trump, not Biden, who could be in peril over the age issue

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Weekend Report: What's happening?

Is Matt Gaetz outing anti-gay Republican hypocrites? Bring it on!

Mike Johnson: a "despicable bigot," and a hard-core Christian nationalist

How the Supreme Court may make same-sex marriage into second-class marriage

Weekend Report: What's going on?

GOP laughed when Nancy Pelosi's husband was attacked. Now they're afraid of MAGA violence.

From Hastert to Jordan: GOP leaders have long been on the wrong side of sexual abuse

Jim Jordan is the "cesspool of deviancy." He cannot be allowed to be House speaker

Weekend thread: What's happening?

"Both sides" caller claims there's no difference between the Dems and GOP

Will Pope Francis hobble Christian nationalism in the U.S.?

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Wednesday thread: a speakerless House

Was Trump's role in the shutdown crisis all about bowing, once again, to Putin?

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What's happening?

GOP debate showed how fascistic the party, Fox News have become

From the Archive: The Secret Lives of Democratic Women Married to MAGA Men

Media malpractice by The Washington Post and ABC News

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Weekend thread: Whats going on?

Trumper who claimed to be a "Democrat" goes off the rails

I wish this were the last thing I'd have to write about Biden's age

Weekend thread: What's happening?

The 2024 election is clear: Joe Biden vs. fascism

Matt Schlapp says Tim Scott is gay. And he would probably know.

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Weekend thread: What's going on?

MAGA man claims having no political experience, like Trump, is better

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Why polling on the economy--or much else--means almost nothing now

Coping with with politically-induced trauma

Weekend thread: What's happening?

What did the GOP--and Trump--know about Matt Schlapp's alleged male-on-male sexual misconduct?

The best way to remove Trump from the ballot under the 14th amendment

DeSantis refuses to say 'Black' or 'white supremacist' in response to Florida shooting

Weekend: What's going on?

Thursday Report: GOP debate without Trump clarified how badly he's destroyed the party

The Pride flag killer was a radicalized Christian nationalist terrorist

How the Big Lie inoculated Trump

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Are the indictments helping to heal our collective PTSD?

MAGA man tries every which way to defend Trump. But it doesn't work.

Trump and 18 members of his "criminal enterprise" indicted in Georgia

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Who's really protecting children?

Wednesday thread: Abortion rights victory in Ohio!

Trump's lawyer John Lauro, like Trump, is a flat out liar

Weekend thread: What's happening?

What the response by Trump's lawyer tells us about the indictment's power

Wed thread: Trump is finally charged for the Big Lie that defrauded U.S., fueled an insurrection

A tale of two polls: GOP imploding, Biden growing stronger

Back from vacation, with so much to say

Trump facing a new indictment--and I'm on vacation.

DeSantis turmoil shows that hate only goes so far

Weekend thread: What's going on?

House GOP votes to ban abortion, trans care and harm military all at the same time

Wednesday thread: Inflation is down, wages are up

How the anti-feminist leader Phyllis Schlafly eerily predicted the future

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Ron DeSantis is desperate and exceedingly dangerous

MAGA man hilariously tries and fails to defend Trump after release of recording

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Extremist Supreme Court licenses discrimination

Yes, we're coming for your children!

On the Dobbs anniversary, a veteran journalist looks back on Roe

What's happening?

An anti-LGBTQ church has 'planted' itself in a New York public high school

Trump's outlandish defense: He is still president

A few days off

Forcefully swatting back at the haters

Could the GOP descend into chaos after the Trump indictment?

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Friday Thread: Donald Trump's federal indictment, charged under Espionage Act!

Trump is going to be indicted again. This time he's petrified.

Memo from Washington

Weekend thread: What's happening?

How right-wing pundits are deciding who should be killed

Ron DeSantis to Christian nationalists: "It is time we impose our will"

Weekend thread: What's going on?

The "cult leader dynamics" of the debt ceiling crisis and the GOP presidential nomination

Why Target caving to the "anti-woke" mob represents a new level of danger

Canceling Pride is the worst response

Weekend thread: What's happening?

North Carolina MAGA man claims I attack religious freedom

Florida, where equality goes to die, is fast becoming a fascist state

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Ask Mike Anything!

Kansas MAGA man claims no one charged with "insurrection" thus it didn't happen

Wednesday thread: A jury finds Trump guilty of sexual assault

Republicans are making clear they believe mass murder is completely acceptable

From the Archive: The New York Times' terrible coverage of Trump

Weekend thread: What's happening?

California "lifelong" Democrat won't vote for Biden because of his age

Trump sought to remove NBC reporter from plane. Doesn't bode well for CNN "town hall."

Should CNN hold a town hall with Donald Trump?

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Upstate New York man can't believe crime is higher in red America

Tuesday thread: Tucker Carlson forced out at Fox

From the Archive: Cardinal Spellman's Dark Legacy

Weekend thread: What's happening?

"Fox has admitted to lying."

Wednesday thread: The Dominion-Fox Corp settlement

As Republicans defend court corruption, they're stopping Democrat from appointing judges

Weekend thread: What's going on?

It's my 20th anniversary on radio. What an amazing ride.

MAGA man: Tennessee gun reform protest was an insurrection

Join me on Notes

How activism works: Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee suddenly pushing gun reform

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Laughably, The New York Times attempts to make the indictment good for Trump, bad for Biden

Wednesday thread: Trump is arrested, and progressives surge in elections

Lesley Stahl of "60 Minutes" has a history of giving bigots a pass

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Friday thread: Bragg's case against Trump may not rest on Stormy Daniels

A very special thread: Trump's 34-count indictment!

Pennsylvania man insists Trump is victim of "witchhunt" regarding hush money payment

How young men are being recruited into the "manosphere"

In wake of Nashville shooting, GOP has a new scapegoat for gun massacres: trans people

Weekend thread: What's happening?

How the cult of ivermectin has only grown

Why a Trump indictment is a disaster for the GOP

Weekend thread: What's going on?

There's a reason why conservatives won't define "woke"

Tennessee Lt. governor who "liked" gay man's nude pics has new statement

Weekend thread: What's happening?

I wanted to be so wrong in predicting the future on LGBTQ rights

Ohio man excuses GOP, says "all politicians lie"

Tuesday thread: Fox and GOP attempt to rewrite history of the insurrection

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Predictably, GOP politicians banning drag shows have had stints as drag queens

A PTSD expert explains the collective trauma of Trumpism

Weekend thread: What's happening?

MAGA woman says we talk too much about Trump

Nikki Haley -- and a great many Republicans -- aren't "competent" to hold office

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Fox execs, pundits knew it was a Big Lie. But they were trying to save their careers.

Thursday thread: Georgia grand jury seeks "appropriate indictments"

Surprise, most of us are ageist. But Biden will help people get over it.

Weekend thread: What's happening?

MAGA man claims there's no evidence balloons flew over U.S. under Trump

Thursday thread: GOP's Hunter Biden laptop investigation backfires

Biden comes out swinging in State of the Union address

Ask Mike anything!

Conservative caller defends Newsmax against being"canceled" from Direct TV

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Fox News doesn't care if gay men in Tennessee die

Living with and without cancer

George Santos stepping down from committees days after McCarthy defended him

Jim Jordan believes federal government should have no power -- except to investigate Hunter Biden

Weekend thread: What's happening?

The politics of Pope Francis' call to end the criminalization of homosexuality

Democrats should be fiercely defending Biden on classified documents

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Rep. Colin Allred of Texas on the GOP extremists in power

Ask Mike anything!

Matt Schlapp and the closet of power

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Georgia MAGA man decides to defend George Santos

Rep. Ritchie Torres on George Santos, Kevin McCarthy & the "inmates running the asylum"

No, Joe Biden didn't steal secret documents and refuse to return them

Weekend thread: What's going on?

CPAC chair Matt Schlapp accused of sexual assault by male Walker campaign staffer

Thursday thread: McCarthy caves to the extremists after losing six times.

How we dodged a bullet with the exposé of George Santos