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New Year's Eve thread: Will you speak with Trump supporters in 2021?

Trump’s legacy on LGBTQ rights: sheer destruction

More on the GOP's alarming Jan. 6th assault on democracy

Weekend open thread: What's going on?

The GOP's January 6th assault on democracy

Tuesday thread: What are you eating?

The paltry Covid relief bill only happened because McConnell got worried about Georgia

Weekend open thread: What's happening?

The "disco sucks" movement and the cycle of white grievance that is still churning

How Trump should be investigated

Democrats must go on the offensive

Weekend thread: Supreme Court slaps down crazy attempt to overturn election

After losing the election, Trump is on a killing spree

Georgia voter claims he's "not a Trump supporter" but "had to" vote for Trump

Trumper calls to say we must look at "two sides" of voter fraud

In debate, Kelly Loeffler appealed directly to racists and bigots

Weekend open thread: What's happening?

Why some gay men are drawn to anti-gay authoritarian leaders

"Holy roller" says he had no choice but to vote for Trump to "follow my conscience"

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Elite G0P senators try to emulate Trump in criticizing Biden's Cabinet--but fail miserably

Weekend open thread: What's happening where you are?

Christian nationalism overtakes the Supreme Court

Thread: Coping with MAGA spouses, parents, children, family and friends

Don't believe the media hype: Trump's left the GOP in shambles

Weekend Open Thread: What's happening where you are?

Trump supporters say overturning 2020 election is payback to Dems for Russia probe

Why Trump views his loss as "psychological annihilation"

Justice Alito gave away the plan to destroy marriage equality

Weekend open thread: What is happening?

Sore loser Trumpist calls in to claim election isn't until December

The GOP is petrified of losing the Senate, enabling Trump's most dangerous impulses

Weekend open thread: Joe Biden is the next president!

Waiting for the vote to come in is excruciating

Election Day open thread: It's here, finally, and let me thank all of you

Trump is determined to steal the election. We know this because he's told us.

Weekend open thread: How are you doing 3 days before the election?

Biden's vow to pass the Equality Act, protecting LGBTQ people, in 100 days

Trump's mad, sad, desperate rampage in the final days

Amy Coney Barrett vs Pope Francis

The last 10 days of this election are painful and nerve-wracking

Open thread: Final debate between Biden and Trump

Trump is a threat to democracy -- even if he loses

Weekend open thread: What are you up to?

Running out of reasoning, Trumper woman says I'm a "very angry" man

Why Amy Coney Barrett's comments on "sexual preference" are ominous

Trumper who can't do math calls in with ridiculous numbers

Weekend open thread: 23 days until the election!

Senator Chris Murphy on how Trump is "getting people killed"

Open thread: Vice presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence

Trumper calls in shocked -- shocked! - at "lies," having "stumbled across" my show

Why I'm wishing Trump a speedy recovery from coronavirus

Weekend open thread: Trump is in the hospital

Trump has coronavirus because of his own recklessness

The next two debates really won't matter

Open thread: First presidential debate between Biden and Trump

Trumper calls in, peeved over Halloween "canceled" because of the pandemic

Weekend open thread: 37 days until the election....

Amy Coney Barrett will destroy marriage equality

Trump supporter calls to say we're "helping" Trump by criticizing him

Is putting a religious zealot on the Supreme Court really going to help Trump's re-election?

Ginsburg's death is earth-shattering

Republican Leaders Escalate Smears on Gay Congressional Candidates

Trump thinks Biden should have implemented a mask mandate -- though he's not president

Beto O'Rourke on turning Texas blue in 2020

Weekend open thread: The election is 51 days away!

Supreme Court Justice Ted Cruz? Is Trump afraid he's bleeding religious right support?

Donald Trump's lie about coronavirus is another impeachable offense

Jerry Falwell Jr. and his family raked in millions off Liberty University

Weekend open thread: Biden hitting Trump hard for attacking war dead as "losers"

The GOP paved the road for Trump

"God-fearing Americans" should vote for adulterer and rapist Trump, says Clark from Tennessee

Trump isn't even faking support for LGBTQ rights this time

Weekend open thread: How Reagan and Trump helped one another

Pathetic Trump troll calls in, makes fool of self

Open Thread: The Republican National Convention

Jerry Falwell Jr. was in a throuple that included another man -- and it's not the only one

Weekend open thread: The GOP convention is kicking off

Open thread: Night four of the Democratic National Convention

Open thread: Night three of Democratic National Convention

Open thread: Night two of the Democratic National Convention

Open thread: Night one of Democratic National Convention

Weekend open thread: Trump sabotaging Postal Service

No choice but to move forward with immense force

BidenHarris2020: Open thread

Jerry Falwell Jr.'s queer predicament

Weekend open Thread: What's happening where you are?

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is trying to interfere in the election

Two women who can help bring the blue tsunami of 2020

A sure sign Trump is losing: Reporters asking follow-up questions

Pelosi on Dr. Birx: She "is the worst"

Weekend thread: A school opened -- and shut down on day one.

Trump regime saw lives in "blue states" as expendable

Mary Trump grew up gay in a family that hates difference

Another Trumper calls, says he was on "the left"...until "cancel culture"

Trumper called to say he's deeply offended that I called Trump a "bastard"

Weekend open thread: What's going on where you are?

Four Supreme Court justices are fine with transmitting coronavirus in the name of Jesus

The media's newest sensationalist story: Election Disaster!

Don't believe the spin: Trump's return to daily briefings was a disaster

Covid activists, like AIDS activists, are taking on government inaction

Weekend open thread: What's happening where you are?

Trumper calls in: Trump speech was "incoherent" only because you can't understand him

Why is the coronavirus pandemic subsidizing hate?

The entire country must be shut down again

Weekend open thread: Why can't November come sooner?

Don't be fooled: this Supreme Court is intent on stripping LGBTQ rights

Open thread: Are there Trumpers still in your life?

Donald Trump's embrace of mass death

Weekend open thread: What are you doing on this holiday weekend?

Trumper calls in...has a breakthrough!

First night out to dinner in New York City

Trump supporter calls in: "I don't tweet," so I don't see Trump's racism.

Weekend open thread: What's happening where you are?

A tribute to Larry Kramer

Donald Trump's genocide

Trump's Tulsa Rally Disaster Is Another Turning Point

Weekend open thread: Are people wearing masks?

Trumper Mike in PA calls in: "Trump won't get my vote."

Brian in MA calls to defend Trump, has no facts

Yep, Obama is responsible for this week's LGBTQ Supreme Court victory

Weekend open thread: What's going on?

GOP touts Trump as pro-LGBTQ. Their 2020 platform supports conversion therapy.

Trump knows he's losing a grip on his base

Sean from Louisiana calls in: "Trump hasn't done anything fascist"

Lindsey Graham's queer predicament

Weekend open thread: Protest and beyond

"I was pepper-sprayed, one of the worst pains in my life."

All the hallmarks of a fascist state

Weekend open thread: America enraged

Trumper feels "weak" wearing mask

Queer heroes in the middle of a pandemic

Why Trump's order to open churches won't boost his poll numbers among religious voters

Senator Chuck Schumer speaks out on my SiriusXM show

Weekend open thread: What are you up to?

Cultist Cindy from Texas called in, triggered after hearing criticisms of Dear Leader

"I really thought, 'I'm gonna get beat up if I wear a mask'"

Will Steve Bannon have a lasting, detrimental effect?

Mike Pompeo believes he's the messiah

Weekend open thread: How's everyone doing?

Tim in NY calls to defend Trump on coronavirus

The unauthorized history of the NRA

The White House is a coronavirus hotspot. It's proof-positive we need mass testing.

Weekend open thread: What is happening where you are?

Will the Human Rights Campaign endorse Susan Collins?

Tim in Texas offers a "conservative view" on Covid

Michael in Alabama calls to praise Trump's "pure" press secretary

Weekend open thread: How are you coping?

John from Pennsylvania calls in to defend Trump

Don't let them hide it: Trump, Pence are stripping LGBTQ rights again

Elected officials speak out on my show about death cult protests

Call to my show from Zack in New York, as promised...

Jason calls in: "Choose freedom" even if it means "death"...

Members of Congress speak out on my show

GOP's death cult caucus embraces Trump's call to violence

Open thread discussion: How is everyone doing?

Franklin Graham Pushes His Anti-LGBTQ Hate On New York City

A call from the Trump cult: Michael in Texas phones in

Like Reagan, Trump callously allows Americans to die

Open thread on Trumpers in your life

Senator Sherrod Brown: Mitch McConnell is Trump's "lapdog"

Dying to love Trump: Laura from Michigan calls

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