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Weekend Report: What's happening?

Louisiana's brazen mandate putting the Ten Commandments in every single classroom

Trump's feeble pitch to LGBTQ voters: Think about your wallet--and stay closeted

Supreme Court arming far-right extremists with deadly weapons for Trump's battle

Weekend Report: What's going on?

Trump denies he wants a military draft. Don't believe him.

Martha-Ann Alito echos extremists who engage in violence

Weekend Report: What's happening?

GOP, in all-out panic, is only bringing more attention to Trump's criminality

MAGAs respond to Trump's conviction--and it's pretty hilarious

Weekend Report: What's going on?

Trump is finally convicted for his crimes! But he's still running for president.

Biden's strength is reflected by where he's shoring up votes and what he's nailed down

Why Trump went to the Libertarian Party convention and got booed

Weekend Report: What's happening?

Alito should not be serving on the Supreme Court

Trump's "creation of a unified Reich"

Weekend Report: What's Going On?

Mike Johnson should be threatened with removal as house speaker--by Democrats

Melania Trump's "locker room talk" brainstorm

Weekend Report: What's happening?

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Judge Cannon represents the rot and corruption of the judicial system

The many ways The New York Times and corporate media are broken

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Weekend Report: What's going on?

Trump plans to deport millions based on antisemitic conspiracy theory

MAGA man claims Trump was just "asking" about injecting disinfectant

Weekend Report: What's happening?

The conservative justices sounded a lot like Trump. Is that a coincidence?

Melania Trump's pathetically small, closeted gay fundraiser

Is it the end for Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Weekend Report: What's going on?

Make no mistake, Senator Tom Cotton is calling for killing protesters

Trump's first day in court put "Sleepy Joe" to bed

Weekend Report: What's happening?

Man claims rejecting COVID vax is same as abortion rights

Trump's statement on abortion is all about him

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Weekend Report: What's going on?

Wall Street Journal poll has Biden trailing. No one reports Trump's top pollster conducts it.

The normalizing of Trump's mental decline

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Weekend Report: What's happening?

Meet President Sarah Huckabee Sanders

McDaniel is gone from NBC. But the corrupted corporate media culture remains.

Weekend Report: An update

No Weekend Report today

Crime rates are still dropping historically. But the GOP will continue to tell another Big Lie.

Trump's openly fascist, Hitlerian campaign

Weekend Report: What's going on?

On Robert Hur's report, once again corporate media failed miserably

How Biden's State of the Union changed minds

Weekend Report: What's happening?

Biden knocks it out of the park in State of the Union

The Holocaust denier who called LGBTQ people "filth" could be North Carolina's governor

The Supreme Court just allowed Jan 6th insurrectionists to run for Congress

Weekend Report: What's going on?

Trump had another shaky night. But of course all media can talk about is Biden.

What people get wrong about Joe Biden, memory and aging

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Weekend Report: What's happening?

The march toward theocracy

Sorry, big typo in latest piece

Once again, the 2024 election is clear: Joe Biden vs. fascism

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Weekend Report: What's going on?

The GOP's impeachment of Biden has collapsed

MAGA man claims Biden is "senile," then forgets Trump only served one term!

Trump is bowing to Putin more brazenly than ever in embracing fascism

Weekend Report: What's happening?

Yes, Republicans are burning books

Trump won't let the GOP win even when they're handed a gift-wrapped victory

Weekend Report: What's going on?

MAGA man reveals the fact that many in the GOP know Trump is weak

Welfare States declare war on Donor States. But they have no money.

Desperate GOP viciously targets LGBTQ people for 2024

Weekend Report: What's happening?

MAGA man says the world wasn't "on fire" under Trump

It's the Biden Boom, and media should be calling it that

Corporate media is catching up: Trump is weak, economy is strong

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Weekend Report: What's going on?

Florida man says Biden wasted money on IRS enforcement, could have gone to "crime"

Iowa showed how weak Trump is, and how extreme the GOP's become

MAGA man says they're not "hostages" but they're not "insurrectionists"either

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Weekend Report: What's happening?

CNN anchor shows how to effectively interview MAGA politician

Elise Stefanik called Jan 6 criminals 'hostages.' 'Meet The Press' host let it pass without challenge.

Weekend Report: What's going on?

Corporate media begins covering its ass on the 2024 election

The GOP begins 2024 as the party of pure fascism. There's no two-ways about it.