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Weekend thread, New Year's edition: What's happening?

Is 2022 the year that saved democracy?

After admitting he defrauded voters, George Santos blames "elitists" for making him lie

Weekend thread, holiday edition: What's going on?

George Santos married a woman in 2012. Yet says he's been "openly gay" for 10 years.

George Santos fabricated his entire resume. Where was the oppo research?

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Press critic Jay Rosen on Twitter and the alternatives

Texas man claims I'm "obsessed" with "inflammatory" topics like January 6th

How Sinema's exit is a measure of Democrats' success

Weekend thread: What's going on?

The Supreme Court's campaign to destroy LGBTQ rights

Wednesday thread: A huge win in Georgia

A great conversation with Soledad O'Brien

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Yay! The Substack app chat function now available for Android phones

Fallout from Tucker Carlson exposé reveals how very afraid MAGA is of the truth

The powerful gay man behind Tucker Carlson's bloodcurdling hate

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Thanksgiving Day thread: Have a happy one!

The Colorado Springs mass shooting is terrorism. GOP politicians share responsibility.

Weekend thread: What's happening?

The new Substack chat function is pretty cool

The Respect for Marriage Act is a great thing

The GOP truly has absolutely nothing to run on

Weekend thread: What's going on?

The GOP tanked in the midterms. But LGBTQ rights are in more danger than before.

The red wave that never happened

Tuesday thread: Election Day 2022

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Winning in 2022: Candidate spotlight on Christy Smith

A case study in how Democrats walk into corporate media's trap

Winning in 2022: Candidate spotlight on Robert Zimmerman

Weekend thread: What's going on?

The Christian nationalist plan to mainstream anti-LGBTQ hate

Winning in 2022: Candidate spotlight on Annette Taddeo

Winning in 2022: Candidate spotlight on Monica Tranel

Weekend thread: What's happening?

How to think about the polls as the mid-terms approach

Walker supporter demands proof -- though Walker admitted he had a child

Tuesday thread: Might Utah vote out a Republican senator?

Florida woman claims kids today are pressured to be transgender

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Friday thread: The final 1/6 hearing before the midterms

Winning in 2022: Candidate spotlight on Adam Frisch

The GOP is blasting the quiet part out loud

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Fox News Digital ramps up hate that leads to violent threats

Tuesday thread: Will it matter if Herschel Walker paid for an abortion?

Weekend thread: What's going on?

"Die-hard" Trump supporter says she doesn't "feel" Jan 6th happened

Sinema lauded by Mitch McConnell as "effective" -- which tells you everything

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Trump's special master is especially masterful

Wednesday thread: Herschel Walker campaigns on being "not that smart"

Oklahoma man denies the Trump rally salute was Nazi-like

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Why did Senate Democrats pull back on the Respect for Marriage Act?

Traveling and taking a break

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Friday thread: Bannon surrenders, and DOJ scathingly eviscerates Trump judge in appeal

Trump stole nuclear secrets, only confirming Biden's warnings about the MAGA threat

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Friday thread: Biden's blistering, relentless assault on MAGA Republicans

Biden goes on offense, as Trump and GOP are on the run

Tuesday Thread: Is Lindsey Graham stoking a civil war?

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Florida man claims Republicans in his state are "targeted," afraid to say they're GOP

Wednesday thread: More primary and special election results. And more evidence of Democrats surging.

How Mitch McConnell overplayed on everything

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Trump defender says it was fine for Trump to take documents to Mar-a-Lago

Thursday thread: GOP worried Trump will sink them, but powerless to do anything

Monkeypox is a nightmare. And there could be a far worse scenario ahead.

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Donald Trump is inciting another insurrection right before our eyes

GOP leaders defend criminal activity as Trump's home is searched by FBI

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Wednesday thread: The abortion rights blowout in Kansas

Why Ron DeSantis views attacks on drag queens as a great presidential election issue

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Thursday thread: We have...good news!

He voted against marriage equality. Then went to his son's gay wedding.

Weekend thread : What's going on?

Friday thread: "The dam has begun to break"

Marriage equality is now an issue for 2022 and beyond

Monkeypox is a major health threat. Government response has been abysmal.

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Trumper claims protests against Kavanaugh are "slippery slope"

Tuesday thread: Another blockbuster 1/6 hearing

Why Republicans are struggling to win back the Senate

Weekend thread: What's going on?

An outspoken drag queen may bring down Arizona's new queen of mean

Pressuring Democrats to fight hard is a good thing

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Yep, the GOP is ready to bring back sodomy bans

How extremist the GOP became on abortion

Weekend thread: The day after Roe was destroyed

Friday thread: The Supreme Court authoritarians strip bodily autonomy

Thursday thread: GOP appears worried about 1/6 hearings, while DOJ ramps up

Texas GOP is more extreme than ever on LGBTQ rights. It's happening within a national GOP that's been radicalized.

Trumper calls Biden a hypocrite for wanting oil companies to stop price-gouging

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Did Ginni Thomas light the fuse that led to insurrection?

Gov. Ron Desantis fueled white supremacist plot to attack Pride in Idaho

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Friday thread: A gripping January 6th first public hearing

1/6 hearings' goal: keep the GOP on the run

An update on my encounter with cancer

Weekend thread: What's happening?

GOP's authoritarian death cult is handing Democrats a major issue for the mid-terms

2nd Amendment nut admits he should be able to get surface-to-air missile

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Indiana man asks, what laws would have prevented Texas school massacre?

Which five justices will uphold marriage equality?

Tuesday thread: State Farm cancels program to give LGBTQ books to libraries and schools

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Pennsylvania's GOP gubernatorial candidate is a dangerous Christian nationalist

Elise Stefanik pushed 'replacement theory' that inspired Buffalo shooter. Got free ride in media.

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Florida man says we should stop "harping" on abortion

Anti-abortion North Carolina man calls for arresting pro-choice protesters

Tuesday thread: Is it wrong to protest at SCOTUS justices' homes?

SCOTUS leak was just one example of GOP's clear threat to LGBTQ rights last week

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Wyoming man says just go to another state for an abortion

Tuesday thread: The fallout from the bombshell Supreme Court leak on overturning Roe

The future of the White House Correspondents Dinner

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Mallory McMorrow on her viral speech that electrified progressive America

Wednesday thread: Is it maybe better if Trump gets back on Twitter?

Trumper: Marjorie Taylor Greene would be "fantastic" as House speaker

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Why Mallory McMorrow provides a blueprint for Democrats

Tuesday thread: Trump judge ditches mask mandate for flights, public transit

Tucker Carlson got thousands to share his homoerotic promo video

Weekend thread: What's happening?

The ways Democrats should be slamming the GOP

What do the "don't say gay" laws actually say?

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Texas caller: It's "confusing kids" to discuss sexual orientation, gender identify

In memory of Eric Boehlert

GOP redeploys "groomer" smear against gay men -- and everyone

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Why the far right's anti-LGBTQ attacks on Disney will fail

Trumper claims it's a "waste of time" to focus on Ginni Thomas's text messages

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Friday thread: Will Clarence Thomas resign?

GOP signals an end to contraception and interracial marriage, embraces QAnon

A note to readers: A new app for The Signorile Report

Tennessee GOP aims to define LGBTQ students as "abnormal"

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Democrats must connect Putin, Trump, GOP as part as the same movement

Disney in turmoil as LGBTQ employees stage walkouts

Tuesday thread: Dealing with a world in chaos

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Winning in 2022: Candidate spotlight on Jamie McCleod-Skinner

How the GOP, horrifically, succeeded with "Don't say gay"

Tuesday thread: Florida's "don't say gay" bill and Putin's "gay propaganda" law

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Bombshell 1/6 committee revelations prove Trump was Putin in the making

Wednesday thread: The State of the Union

While democracy is under attack in Europe, GOP plots to destroy democracy in America

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Winning in 2022: Candidate spotlight on Lucas Kunce

Thursday thread: Putin's invasion of Ukraine

Trump called Putin a "genius." How idiotic does the GOP look?

Christian nationalism's dangerous threat to democracy

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Anti-vax-mandate guy can't get his story straight

Democrats can win, but they have to sound like they believe it

Rogan defender cries "censorship," then undermines entire argument

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Vidchat: What do Democrats need to do right now?

The GOP is cracking up. Time to drive it into the ground.

The Arizona bill that would condemn LGBTQ kids to "conversion therapy"

Weekend thread: What's happening?

Biden Boom, GOP Bust

Anti-vaxxer tries to show Joe Rogan is as accurate as Joe Biden

Tuesday thread: Trump attempted to seize voting machines in 2020

Weekend thread: What's going on?

Supporter defends DeSantis for promoting useless monoclonal antibodies

Florida GOP forcing LGBTQ students into the closet

Weekend thread: What's happening?

MAGA man tries to school me on voting rights

I've learned a lot first hand about prostate cancer. Here's what we all should know.

Weekend thread: What's going on?

How Sinema became a dangerous force in American politics

Manchin and Sinema have been allowed to lie about the filibuster

Biden goes full-throttle on filibuster carve-out for voting rights

Weekend Thread: What's happening?

Biden needs to give that 1/6 speech every day

Where are we one year later?

Is the filibuster really going to be killed for voting rights?

Weekend thread: Happy 2022!